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Вопрос 1.
Read the article in detail and answer the questions which follow:
Youths behaviour with pellet pistol stupid, dangerous and outrageous.
Shooting a pellet gun at an 11-year-old boy on a bike is a "stupid, dangerous and outrageous to behave," Judge Anthony Palmer scolded a Col wood-area teenager in Western Communities Courthouse April 29. "I dont know if youve seen too many movies or not," he continued, "but anything involving a handgun is completely reprehensible."
The 17-year-old boy was ordered to serve a six-month period of probation, 25 hours of community works and to apologize in person to his victim. He was also ordered not to possess weapons, ammunition or explosives for five years. Crown counsel Bruce Filan told the court the young cyclist was riding on Atkins Road Dec.22, 1991, and noticed three young males sitting in a car. As he passed, he said "hi" to the group and continued on his way. Then he heard a loud "ping" coming from the direction of the vehicle, turned around and saw one of the boys aiming a gun in his direction and heard two more "pings". Filan described the boy as "very frightened," especially when the car started up and drove towards him. Not very far from home, he raced to tell his father what had happened The father then pursued the teenagers in his car; forcing them to stop and answer questions.
According to man, police later determined the accused teenager was the only one with a weapon - an air pistol that still had pellets in its chamber when recovered by police at the boys residence. The young victim was very upset by the ordeal and is receiving counseling, Filan added.
Defence counsel Dianne McDonald said her client was not aiming the pistol at the younger boy and had no intention of harming him. Only two shots were fired, she insisted. When her client realized his actions had scared the boy he tried to apologize but was told not to contact the victim, she added.
She also explained the teenagers were not really chasing the boy in the car; but when the driver realised the boy was scared, he tried to follow to explain no one was aiming at him.
McDonald reported her client has been doing well since tile incident and he hopes to return to school in the fall. For now he is enrolled in correspondence classes and is seeking employment, McDonald told the court.
1 The 17-year-old youth was accused of
A. possessing a handgun without the correct license.
В. endangering another persons life with a gun.
С. driving a car in a dangerous manner.
D. being drunk and disorderly in a public place.
2 The father of the 11-year-old victim appears to have
A. questioned his son at length about the incident.
В. made an immediate complaint to the local police.
С. forced the teenagers involved to go to the police station.
D. chased after the young men in his car to get an explanation.
3 The police apparently found a loaded air pistol
A. in the 17-year-old youths pocket.
В. at the home of the 17-year-old youth.
С. in the boot of his car.
D. at the home of one of his friends.
4 Apparently, the 11-year-old boy
A. is still receiving professional help.
В. is now too afraid to go out alone.
С. will no longer ride his bicycle.
D. has finally recovered from the experience.
5 The 17-year-old boy was
A. sent to prison for six months.
В. ordered to pay a large fine.
С. given probation and community service.
D. found not guilty of the crime.

Вопрос 2. Next to each word, write the number from the corresponding part of the letter. The first has been done for you.
_ date
_ references
_ conclusion
_ typed signature
_ position/title
_ main paragraph
_ salutation
_ recipients address
_ complimentary ending
_ written signature
_ letterhead
_ introductory paragraph
_ senders address
_ enclosures
6 Pine Estate, Westhornet, Bedfordshire, UB 18 22
(2) Telephone 9017 23456 Telex X23X WE) Fax 9017
Michael Scott, Sales Manager,
Smith and Brown plc,
(3) Napier House
North Molton Street,
Oxbridge OB84 9TD.
(4) Your ref. MS/WID/15/88
Our ref. ST/MN/10/88
(5) 31 January 1998
(6) Dear Mr. Scott,
(7) Thank you for your letter of 20 January, explaining that the super widgets, catalogue reference X-3908, are no longer available but that ST-1432, made to the same specifications but using a slightly different alloy, are now available instead. Before I place a firm order I should like to see samples of the new super widgets. If the replacement is as good as you say it is, I shall certainly wish to submit a new order.
(8) I would prefer to continue to deal with Smith and Brown, whose service has always been satisfactory in the past. But you will understand that 1 must safeguard Widgetrys interests and make sure that the quality is good.
(9) I would, therefore, be grateful if you could let me have a sample as soon as possible.
(10) Yours sincerely,
(11) Simon Thomas
(12) Simon Thomas
(13) Production Manager
(14) enc.

Задание 3. This letter has been revised so many times by Mr. Thomas that it has become all mixed up, and his word processor has failed to reorganize it. Arrange the letter so that everything is in the correct order.
(1) Simon Thomas
(3) 6 Pine Estate, Westhornet, Bedfordshire, UBI8 22 BC.
Telephone 9017 23456 Telex X238 WID Fax 9017 67 893
(4) I look forward to hearing from you.
(5) Your ref. MS/WID/15/88
Our ref. ST/MN/10/88
(6) Yours sincerely,
(7) James Bowers, Sales Manager,
Electroscan Ltd.,
Orchard Road Estate,
Oxbridge UB84 10SF.
(8) Production Manager
(9) Thank you for your letter. I am afraid that we have a problem with your order.
(10) 6 June 1998
(11) Unfortunately, the manufacturers of the part you wish to order have advised us that they cannot supply it until September. Would you prefer us to supply a substitute, or would you rather wait until the original parts are again available?
(12) Dear Mr. Bowers

Задание 4.
Look at the following ways of expressing contrast:
a) Turnover increased. However, profitability fell.
b) Although turnover increased, profitability fell.
c) Profitability fell (even) though turnover increased.
d) It would be difficult to ventilate site B, while/whereas the exterior position of site A could
improve ventilation.
"However" is used for general contrasts where the ideas are not equivalent. "Although" is
used when there is a contrast that surprises us; "even though" is like "although" but more emphatic "While/whereas" are used where there is contrast between equivalent ideas.
Use although, even though, whereas, while or however to contrast he following:
1) There are only recruiters. They do most of the work.
2) Site В would be easy to build on. Site A would require new foundations.
3) Salaries have been fixed for two years. They will be revised if business improves.
4) The recruitment agency concentrated on the UK. Its competitors turned to foreign markets.
5) There are ten managers. Only the Managing Director has decision making power.
6) Working conditions are above average. There is no restroom.
7) The Recruitment Managers received a basic salary of $7,250. They benefited from high rates of commission.
8) Prospective clients were offered discounted rates for the first year of business. Many of these new clients continued to pay less after the first contract year.
9) There are ten managers. There are only seven non-management staff.
10) Site A will be easy to ventilate. Site В will be exposed to fumes from the shop floor.

Задание 5.
Дополните предложения правильной идиомой в правильной грамматической форме:
be dead against something
make a dead set at someone
a dead loss
a dead end
cut someone dead
dead right
Пример: Have you been able to persuade your father to buy a computer? No he ___ the idea. is dead against
1. I had difficulty in finding the way. I took a wrong turning and it was ___ .
2. Why wont Mary speak to me? She simply ___ in the bank yesterday.
3. You warned me that Id be sorry if I bought an old car, and you were ___ . Ive paid a fortune in repairs.
4. Mark can play the violin beautifully but hes ___ at anything practical.
5. David behaved badly during the meeting. He ___ Andrew without any provocation whatsoever.

Задание 6. Заполните пропуски соответствующими идиомами в правильной форме.
draw money out an open cheque
a current account a crossed cheque
pay (money) in bounce
make out a cheque a deposit account
open an account a joint account
I must tell you about a customer who came into the bank this morning - a strange old fellow, wearing a cap and a shabby raincoat. He said he wanted to _1_ with our bank. From his questions, it sounded as if he had a bank account before, so I explained to him that with _2_ you can _3_ whenever you want, but with _4_ you have to give a weeks notice.
He seemed confused, so I showed him a cheque book and explained how to_5_ - he had obviously never signed a cheque before. Then I explained the difference between _6_ and _7_. I also asked him if he wanted one signature on the on the cheque or whether it would be_8_ together with his wife. He said he didnt want his wife to know anything about it! When I asked whether there would be regular payments into this account, he answered with a grin, "Dont worry, my cheques wont _9_, if thats what youre afraid of."
Then he said hed like to open a deposit account and brought out a parcel wrapped in newspaper. I tried not to look surprised when he opened it - it contained more than Ј 10,000 tied up with string and rubber bands! "Thats just for a start."
he said. "What I 10_ tomorrow depends on how much I win on the horses today!"

Задание 7. Which is correct?
1. A "blank cheque" has no ___ on it.
date signature amount
2. When you write out a cheque, you are ___.
the payee the bearer the drawer
3. One of the most common methods of payment is ___ cheque.
with through by
4. A "post-dated cheque" bears ___ .
a future date a post date a date that makes the cheque invalid
5. Your current account is "in the red". This means ___ .
you have no money in the account
you have money in the account you must тark your cheques R/D
6. A "bearer cheque" ___.
can only be paid into an account
can be cashed by anyone who has it
bears the payees name

Задание 8. Which is correct?
1. A candidate for election or .
stands for office goes for office sits for office runs for office
2. A maiden speech is made in the House ___ .
by female MPs by new MPs only by ministers
3. Front benchers are ___ .
seats at the front of the House
long-serving members of parliament
members of parliament who hold ministerial office
4. If the Prime Minister goes to the country, he or she ____ .
resigns holds a referendum calls a general election
5. In politics, he adjective shadow means ____.
of the governing party of the opposition party previous second in importance

Задание 9. Match each word with its definition:
1 judge
2 weapon
3 reprehensible
4 probation
5 community work
6 victim
7 crown counsel
8 the accused
9 residence
10 ordeal
11 counselling
12 defence counsel
13 client
14 incident A a situation that may involve violence
В the activity of giving professional advice to people in need
С the place where someone lives
D doing work to help others instead of going to prison
E a person being tried in court for a crime
F bad, morally wrong
G the person with the power to decide how to apply the law
H an object used to kill or hurt people
I someone who suffers as the result of a crime
J a person who receives advice in return for payment
К a lawyer who presents a case against an accused person
L a period spent outside prison but under supervision
M an extremely unpleasant experience or situation
N a lawyer who acts on behalf of an accused person

Задание 10. Which is correct?
1. Which of the following is not a form of worker protest?
a go-slow a work-to-rule a lock-out
2. Workers "on the shop floor" are ___.
shop assistants shop stewards manual workers on the product ion line
3. Which three mean the same?
a shop steward a blackleg a strike breaker a scab a picket
4. Which two expressions mean "finish work for the day"?
knock off lay off sign off clock off
5. When a worker is “laid off” he ___ .
is ill is out of work temporarily is out of work permanently
6. If you work longer than your usual working hours, you .
work unsocial hours do overtime do shift-work
7. An unemployed person receiving money from the state is said to be ___ .
on the board on the shop floor on the dole
8. If you apply for a job but are not accepted you are .
laid off made redundant turned down


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