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1. :
Apples a tree few there the are on.
In and the pigs sheep be the will field.
The Margaret her today give dinner will cat.
Is today doing he something.
Money I a in have pocket got little.

2. :
What present is (nice) than a box of chocolates?
What (good) present is there than a box of cigarettes?
Ann is (old) than Hans; she is the (old) in the family.
Summer is (warm) than winter.
Summer is the (warm) of the four seasons.

3. much many, “little” “few”, :
There are too ---- buses in London.
I haven”t got ------time for study.
Please don”t make so -------noise.
I don”t like too ----- butter on my bread.
There is only a ------ tea left in the teapot.
Jan gave me a ------ help with my work.
There are only a ------ cigarettes in the box; I had too ----- time to buy anything today.
She has got too . . . money but too . . . sense.

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